Thursday, December 31, 2009

auf Wiedersehen...


One 10 year High School Reunion
3 Houses
Castle Rock
Castle Rock
One Baby
with No Hubby
Great Friends
and Their Babies
and Their Wedding
Crazy Family
No Hubby
1st Grade
2nd Grade
New York
New Jersey
and All the States in Between
One Car Accident
Three Times Stuck on Vail Pass
No Hubby
Broken Leg?
Tongue Tie
Dental Implants?
No Money
Great Family
One Crazy Lady
I don't know about you, but I need a vacation. Somewhere tropical!

So long Two Thousand Nine, may Twenty Ten be a little less uneventful!
(not likely)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

From My Family...

The Wheeler Family


Dear Family and Friends,

This Christmas season seemed to sneak up on us so fast. We had every intention of sending a Christmas card, but as time passes by it seems more realistic to think it just isn't going to happen this year.

We always look forward to this time of year, and the time it gives us to spend with family. We will be spending this Christmas in Oklahoma City with Walter's family. We are so excited, especially the kids. We haven't spent the holidays there in four years. It will be so fun to have all the grandkids in one room on Christmas morning!

So what has happened this year in the Wheeler house?

We welcomed a new member to our family. Baby B was born on August 5th. He came a week earlier than planned. The hubby was out of town and it was Miss C's first day of school. He sure made a grand entrance into this world, one we won't soon forget! He is the most precious boy. He really does complete our family.

Miss C is 7 years old and in 2nd grade. She is really starting to excel in school, and it is a joy to see her learn and grow. She really does have a passion for learning. She loves to sing and has acquired the nickname "American Idol" by the Hubby. She sings in the bath, the shower, while cleaning her room, doing her homework - pretty much everywhere, all the time. I don't know how she manages to keep quiet at school ALL. DAY. LONG. But she manages, and her teachers love her, which is no surprise. She really enjoys being a big sister to her brothers. We are not sure if it because she likes being the boss, but we do know that she loves them so very much. Even when the are. "Ugh! SO ANNOYING!" (in her words) Miss C is growing up so fast and we treasure watching her learn and grow. We are also looking forward to her baptism this coming April, when she turns 8.

Mister P is 4 years old, and becoming quite the vocal little man of the house. He is no longer the little boy who had the hardest time talking. He is also growing like a little weed, and it seems as if there is no stopping him. As far as he is concerned, he is a super hero. There is no convincing him otherwise. The most shocking to all of us is that he loves having a baby brother. He had been the baby so long, we thought there would be a little jealousy situation, but that never happened. He loves "his baby" so much. Every day he asks us if we can keep him. Every time we answer yes, he is just so thrilled. Mister P brings so much laughter to our family as we watch him grow.

This year we moved twice, once to Grand Junction and then back to Castle Rock. The Hubby's job really does keep us on our toes, but more than anything we are thankful for the work. It is truly a blessing to have a job, and we are extremely grateful that he has been given the opportunity to grow within his company.

I am busy keeping the house in some kind of order. As you can tell, life around here can be a little crazy at times. Somehow I also manage to update my blog every now and then. Just for you crazy people!

During the craziness that this season has become, we pray that you and your families can find the time to remember what this season is all about, that you may cherish the greatest gift, the love of Jesus Christ and that you are surrounded by the ones you love.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.


The Hubby, Jenn, Miss C, Mister P and Baby B

Thursday, December 17, 2009

For My Boy, the Littlest One...

Happy 4 months to my mister mister. As usual I missed it by almost 2 weeks, but I had to share these too cute pictures. He is such a happy baby. He smiles all the time. You wouldn't know it by these pictures though. Baby B is just like his daddy. You plop a camera in front of his face. Encourage him to smile. Then this......

...turns in to this, very quickly.

I love my blue eyed, one dimpled, ticklish Baby B. He brings such happiness to our lives. My greatest joy is to watch Miss C and Mister P interact with him. Four months is a fun age, starting to wonder and enjoy. The big kids just love helping him learn.

What does Baby B up to right now?

eating yummy homemade peaches
rolling from his tummy to his back
getting his first tooth
scooting on his back- If I leave him in one spot, I will likely find him another spot just a little later.
playing with toys
trying his hardest to hold his bottle
says "agoo" with the cutest little voice you have ever heard

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree...

{google images}

I have a nine foot Christmas tree. My new house has eight foot ceilings.
Problem? Yes.
My new six and a half foot tree makes my nine foot tree look like the tree at Rockefeller Center.
I seriously considered using my other tree and leaning it against the wall, starting a new trend like the upside down tree.
Miss C talked me into a white tree this year. Not only did I give into that, it has colored lights. I do not believe in colored lights. Not. At. All.
When we move again, and surely we will, this tree will become the kids tree. I am surprised at how pretty it turned out.

{I do have to apologize for my horrid picture. I am too lazy to go get my camera, and a WAY too lazy to download them onto the computer.}

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Other Shoe...

Don't you just love it when your husband comes home and says, "Do you want the good news or the bad news?"

Naturally, you ask for the good news. And that is, "I am not going to lose my job!"

The bad news? "We are moving. Next week."

Let me clarify. I am just waiting for this to happen. It happened twice this year. I wonder what the new year has in store for us? I cannot help but wonder. We are not moving, yet. Just waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

[insert the Jeopardy theme song here]

And with the economy the way it is, it is not like you can say, "Thanks, but no thanks!" I am thankful for his job, his company and most of all - that he loves what he does!

Has this happened to you? Probably not. I think I only know of one other person that moves around like us!


I have managed to do it again! This poor little blog feels very neglected. I am sorry. I will return, when my life calms down a little. I. Promise.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

She is Coming...

Last weekend I went to a baby shower for one of my very best friends, Kathy. Wife of Aaron (man with crazy eyebrows), mommy to K Bear and mommy-to-be of Baby E Bear.

These bags were adorable. I wish I could say I was this creative, but I am not. They said:

Kathy is Ready to POP!!!
Timer is set to: 12-28-09

Here is a treat
Give it a whirl
I'm about ready to POP
With my baby girl.

Isn't that just too cute? They were filled with yummy caramel corn. Of course, because she was getting ready to pop!

I had the pleasure of making the cupcakes for this little event. That is what I do. I am the cake lady! Recipe to follow, as I have had some requests! Let me just say they were so yummy. I hate to brag, but really! In keeping with the theme I did some strawberry cupcakes and some chocolate. [Kathy's favorite] Then topped them off with yummy cream cheese frosting. [Also Kathy's favorite] I could really use one right now. I was out searching for boxes to use for some of my baby stuff when I came upon this beauty. It is Humpty Dumpty meets Toile. It fit perfectly with her theme of pink and brown. I have plans to use it in her nursery. I wanted it for myself, but I committed a truly selfless act!

Kathy's friends Shilo and Kama gave her this shower. Thank you so much for making it so beautiful. We were surrounded in a world of pink and brown, just what the mommy-to-be wanted.

Just a note about Kathy ~ She is a truly remarkable friend. There are very few genuine people in this world and she is one of them. Our friendship is the kind that lasts through all ages. My family and I are so blessed to have her and her family as part of ours. We can't wait to welcome her new Baby E Bear, in a month and a half!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ghouls and Goblins...

Happy Halloween!

I love, love, LOVE making Halloween food. Next to pumpkins it is my favorite thing. I will need a whole post to talk about the food I made, and the yummy recipes of course! I just may have to do that. One day. I also love decorating my house. I didn't take a lot of pictures, or the ones I took of the outside didn't turn out well.

Okay, okay, enough about that. You want to see the kids. Right?

Miss C and her crazy big eyes! Amazing what a little eyeliner can do. Okay, so she was, what was is it called again? She was obsessive about making sure we all called her by the right name. It wasn't a vampire, no that wouldn't work. Oh, I remember! A Spider Vampiress. I know, really? But that is what the name one the package of the costume was. She did look really cute.
Mister P and his best Wolverine impression. He didn't even care that one of the claws we on backwards. Oh and that crazy guy in the background is Aaron, the best friends hubby. His Halloween getup was actually quite funny, I still can't look at this picture without laughing. Or are those his real eyebrows?
And my little Baby B on his first Boo. He was supposed to wear his froggy costume again, but by the time we went out he was asleep. No need to wake him, he was too cute in this little ghost onsie!

The funniest part of the whole night is below. The mommies didn't even talk. I had to idea what K Bear was going to be. Not until Miss C opened the door [so surprised to show her friend the costume she was wearing] and BAM...TWINERS!!!! Too funny! Miss C wasn't too thrilled about the whole situation. It was like two girls showing up on prom night in the same dress. Yep. You get it.

Crazy for Carving...

It is quite possible that one of my favorite things about Halloween is carving pumpkins. The hubby was a party pooper this year and didn't want a pumpkin. I wasn't even going to make him clean out the guts or carve it himself. I would do the honors. But no. Oh well. I am so picky about how the pumpkins look. Perhaps the only "family" thing about this activity is that I let the kids clean out their pumpkins. [or at least attempt it] I also let them pick out their faces, to a certain degree. It has to be a face, no pictures of spiders, skeletons or bats. Not to mention moons, stars or cats. I know, I am such a mean mommy! Thank goodness for the internet and children who know how to use it. My clever Miss C googled pumpkins faces. I never thought of that myself. It kept the kiddos busy forever searching for the perfect scary face! I am pretty proud of my pumpkins this year. Even though it was a very last minute thing, I think they turned out better than they have the last few years. [Our pumpkins were outside for the snow storm and were frozen solid by the time we realized the were there. OOPS!]
Miss C very proud of her cleaning. However she was pretty bummed that the pumpkins didn't have more seeds. She wouldn't let one go to waste. She loves toasted pumpkins seeds!
Mister P hates, let me say again H.A.T.E.S., touching anything that has to do with the inside of a pumpkin. I think every year the first this that comes out of his mouth after I open the top of the pumpkin is an ever so emotional EEEEWWWWWWW! He sure looks happy in this picture though!
We even made sure Baby B got in on the action. He enjoyed watching the kids fight over which spoon they wanted to use and whether or not the inside of their pumpkin was actually clean!

'Til next Halloween when I am sure to talk the hubby into his own special pumpkin!


"Miss C"

"Mister P"

"Baby B"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She's So Vain...

I didn't have to go to work, because the mall closed early. Since I wasn't out earning my keep at work Walter saw fit to make me work for it. Hello, back to reality, doesn't he wish he could force me into manual labor! I offered to shovel the driveway because I thought it would be a good workout after sitting at home on my rear for a few days. And, frankly, he wasn't doing it!

My big, fluffy white jacket, you saw in the previous post, broke during all my heavy lifting. Walter was concerned about me and he didn't want me to get cold. Ahh, what a good husband! Okay, that is the least he could do, since he was watching me from the front window. Anywho, he made me out on his BIG OL' camo jacket he had when he was in the Air Force. I flatly refused and he insisted. So, I put on the stinkin' jacket! I am pretty sure the camo jacket along with my pink Juciy Couture boots was a site for soar eyes. I took a picture just in case you wanted to see it!

And because I am vain and I love my designers. Here is a picture of my footprint. I just love it. Can you see how it says "Juicy Couture"? How could you not love that?

Snow Days...

A few days before Halloween we got a HUGE snow storm. I don't know exactly what we got here, but is was 20+ inches. Miss C had 3 days off school! 3 days, in October. This is shaping up to be a very long winter!
Mister P was scared to walk in the snow because it was so deep, he also was just recovering from his leg injury. I would love to say my kids love each other so much, that is why they are holding hands. However, I made Miss C hold Mister P's hand. She was SO not happy about it!
I don't love this picture, because it is not so great of yours truly. However, I love the spider in the background. Don't you?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time Flies...

My little Baby B is 3 months old today. I can hardly believe how big he is getting. His little smiles and coos melt my heart every time! He is such a precious boy. He truly completes this little family.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I am so thankful that our church has a party for kids to play and be safe.  It also gives the grown ups time to talk with each other.  I love Halloween, but it is all about the kids and the food in this house!  This is a nice stress free night of fellowship, chili, games and lots of candy.  
Love It! 
 What do I love the most?  Letting my kids run around without adult supervision. What mommy doesn't appreciate a little time like that?
How can you resist a little froggy handing out candy?  I know I can't.  I know there wasn't a grown up or kid alike that didn't comment on this extreme cuteness!  Thank you Tia for this cute little costume, and for thinking way ahead when I was only thinking about the new baby that was keeping me up at night.
Then there is this strange pink leopard that was following me around all night.  Hmmm... She is so cute we decided to keep her.  
Okay, agreeing on a costume for this little chica is not easy task.  It was so much easier when they are younger and wear pretty much whatever you choose for them.  (in my house the only person I can dress without an opinion is Baby B) We had to get two, yes TWO, costumes for this opinionated 7 year old!  One for trunk or treat and one for Halloween.  Spoiled?  Maybe.  Did I get the costume I wanted her to wear?  Absolutely!  You will have to wait and see what we chose after Saturday.  
Wolverine wouldn't stop eating candy long enough for me to take a decent picture of him.  I pretty much let him get away with it though, because I feel bad for his little gimpy leg.  He didn't get to have as much fun as the other kids.  Daddy had to carry him around to all the cars.  B.O.R.I.N.G.
I guess I never said anything about Mister P's leg before.  I guess that will have to be in another post!  Just know his splint matches his costume.  Very Important!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Perfect Fall Day...


A week, or so, ago I took the kids for a walk on a trail in our neighborhood.  It was a beautiful day!  They found a pile of leaves that just had to be played in.  I think Preston had more fun throwing them at his sister.

When I was younger my mom had an unusual obsession with dead trees.  Every vacation we went on she would take picture after picture of them.  I really never understood this, until I grew up.  I just love dead trees!  

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two Month Boy...

Okay, okay, I know I am so behind.  I am trying to catch up, kind of.  
On October 5th Blake was two months old.  He was weighed in at 10 pounds 14 ounces.  WOW!  That boy knows how to pack on the pounds.  Four pounds in two months.  

This precious little boy has brought so much joy to our home!

10 years...

A few weeks ago I went to my 10 year High School reunion.  I was a crazy woman - I packed up my three kids (and practically my whole house) and  drove 14 hours to Broken Arrow.  To do what you ask?  To go to a football game.  Hmm...Would I do it again?  Probably not.  BUT, I did get to see some of my friends.  I didn't get many pictures, but here is one that I will treasure forever. 

This is Sarah.  She was my best friend in back in the day.  Being able to see her again after 11 years was a treasure.  One that I will not ever forget.  I promise that it will not be 10 years before we see each other again.  And for a little treat (more like a laugh)...

...this was us then, 11 years ago!

Thank you Jennie, Katie, Emily and Sarah for a great evening.  It was so great to see you all!  

My Three...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Finding Hope...

As I started to brainstorm about this blog, in particular, it started out as something very different. An e-mail I received made me think very long and hard about the events surrounding September 11th.  It was a comment in the e-mail that made me, well, upset at how some people in this world are viewed because of that horrible day 8 years ago.  But then there was this video attached to the bottom of that e-mail.  I didn't watch it right away because of the comments that were made and the lack of time I had that day.  Eventually I got around to watching it., after the contents of this blog were nearly complete.  After I watched it, well, I deleted the whole thing.  Why?  What I was writing is not appropriate for such a day as this.  This video is so powerful.  I have not been able to stop thinking about it since. 

May we never forget.  May we remember that we are ONE Nation under God.
God Bless those who serve our country in any capacity.
God Bless the families of those who have given the greatest sacrifice.  
God Bless the United States of that I love!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kids Say...

As I was sitting around this afternoon (a luxury I do not get often these days), I was thinking about how difficult my  life is right now.  Of all the things I have accomplished, having a newborn and 2 older kiddos has to be the hardest thing I have done to date.  Did I mention that my oh-so wonderful hubby is not present?  So yes, I was having a pity party.  I was this close to calling my hubby and telling him he better get home right now or....  Who knows how bad that could have become.  

Then I started to think about my kids and what they have said and done today to make me laugh.  That made me a little happier, so I must share them with you.

As I have said before.  The cleanliness of my house is questionable, at best.  Something I am really not used to.  My bed has, once again, become a pile of clean unfolded laundry.  For the second day in a row Miss C has had to go to my bed and dig out wrinkled clothes (yes, I am ashamed I send her away looking like that)  to wear to school.  Today she said, as she was digging through the never-ending pile, 
"Mommy.  Are you ever going to fold this stuff?"
Picture a typical seven year old with hands on her hips and a little attitude.  Normally a question like that would provoke this kind of response.  "What do you think I am?  Your maid?  Seriously?"  As I am resisting the urge to let my hand fly through the air, in the general direction of her behind.  Today, however, it just made me smile.  That alone is proof enough that I am finding my happy place.  I know, I know - impressive!

Later this morning I was sitting on the couch nursing Baby B.  He decided out of the blue last night that he wanted to nurse.  Yes, that would be for the first time EVER in his tiny little life.  I was so proud!  On to the story...  
I had a bottle sitting next to me because he requires more than I can make for him.  Mister P loves helping me feed "his baby".  I told him that Baby B was already eating.  He pulled back the blanket that was covering baby and myself, and said with a gasp, 
"Mommy.  Blake is eating you!"
That alone made me about fall on the floor, laughing like I haven't laughed in a long time.  I quickly picked up the phone and called the hubby.  I had to share.

Then there is this.  I wish I could properly explain how precious the sound is that follows this face.  It is this oh so  sweet, "Ooooo."  Like I said, I can't explain it, but all you moms understand.

Look at this face.  Isn't he so scrumptious?  Look at that dimple.  Yes, he has just the one.  I love his little dimple!  

So thank you to Miss C, Mister P and Baby B for bringing me out of the dump my day started in. As miserable as I think I am sometimes, how could I be?  My babies bring me the greatest joy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Growing Boy...

I don't really know how it happens.  One morning you wake up to find that they just look different.  I can't quite place my finger on it.  Bluer eyes?  Fuller face?  Darker hair?  Redder hair?  He is just different than he was yesterday.  It is crazy how fast newborns change.  

Happy "almost" one month, to my baby boy!  It is going so so fast!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

No Explanation Necessary...