Thursday, November 12, 2009

She is Coming...

Last weekend I went to a baby shower for one of my very best friends, Kathy. Wife of Aaron (man with crazy eyebrows), mommy to K Bear and mommy-to-be of Baby E Bear.

These bags were adorable. I wish I could say I was this creative, but I am not. They said:

Kathy is Ready to POP!!!
Timer is set to: 12-28-09

Here is a treat
Give it a whirl
I'm about ready to POP
With my baby girl.

Isn't that just too cute? They were filled with yummy caramel corn. Of course, because she was getting ready to pop!

I had the pleasure of making the cupcakes for this little event. That is what I do. I am the cake lady! Recipe to follow, as I have had some requests! Let me just say they were so yummy. I hate to brag, but really! In keeping with the theme I did some strawberry cupcakes and some chocolate. [Kathy's favorite] Then topped them off with yummy cream cheese frosting. [Also Kathy's favorite] I could really use one right now. I was out searching for boxes to use for some of my baby stuff when I came upon this beauty. It is Humpty Dumpty meets Toile. It fit perfectly with her theme of pink and brown. I have plans to use it in her nursery. I wanted it for myself, but I committed a truly selfless act!

Kathy's friends Shilo and Kama gave her this shower. Thank you so much for making it so beautiful. We were surrounded in a world of pink and brown, just what the mommy-to-be wanted.

Just a note about Kathy ~ She is a truly remarkable friend. There are very few genuine people in this world and she is one of them. Our friendship is the kind that lasts through all ages. My family and I are so blessed to have her and her family as part of ours. We can't wait to welcome her new Baby E Bear, in a month and a half!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ghouls and Goblins...

Happy Halloween!

I love, love, LOVE making Halloween food. Next to pumpkins it is my favorite thing. I will need a whole post to talk about the food I made, and the yummy recipes of course! I just may have to do that. One day. I also love decorating my house. I didn't take a lot of pictures, or the ones I took of the outside didn't turn out well.

Okay, okay, enough about that. You want to see the kids. Right?

Miss C and her crazy big eyes! Amazing what a little eyeliner can do. Okay, so she was, what was is it called again? She was obsessive about making sure we all called her by the right name. It wasn't a vampire, no that wouldn't work. Oh, I remember! A Spider Vampiress. I know, really? But that is what the name one the package of the costume was. She did look really cute.
Mister P and his best Wolverine impression. He didn't even care that one of the claws we on backwards. Oh and that crazy guy in the background is Aaron, the best friends hubby. His Halloween getup was actually quite funny, I still can't look at this picture without laughing. Or are those his real eyebrows?
And my little Baby B on his first Boo. He was supposed to wear his froggy costume again, but by the time we went out he was asleep. No need to wake him, he was too cute in this little ghost onsie!

The funniest part of the whole night is below. The mommies didn't even talk. I had to idea what K Bear was going to be. Not until Miss C opened the door [so surprised to show her friend the costume she was wearing] and BAM...TWINERS!!!! Too funny! Miss C wasn't too thrilled about the whole situation. It was like two girls showing up on prom night in the same dress. Yep. You get it.

Crazy for Carving...

It is quite possible that one of my favorite things about Halloween is carving pumpkins. The hubby was a party pooper this year and didn't want a pumpkin. I wasn't even going to make him clean out the guts or carve it himself. I would do the honors. But no. Oh well. I am so picky about how the pumpkins look. Perhaps the only "family" thing about this activity is that I let the kids clean out their pumpkins. [or at least attempt it] I also let them pick out their faces, to a certain degree. It has to be a face, no pictures of spiders, skeletons or bats. Not to mention moons, stars or cats. I know, I am such a mean mommy! Thank goodness for the internet and children who know how to use it. My clever Miss C googled pumpkins faces. I never thought of that myself. It kept the kiddos busy forever searching for the perfect scary face! I am pretty proud of my pumpkins this year. Even though it was a very last minute thing, I think they turned out better than they have the last few years. [Our pumpkins were outside for the snow storm and were frozen solid by the time we realized the were there. OOPS!]
Miss C very proud of her cleaning. However she was pretty bummed that the pumpkins didn't have more seeds. She wouldn't let one go to waste. She loves toasted pumpkins seeds!
Mister P hates, let me say again H.A.T.E.S., touching anything that has to do with the inside of a pumpkin. I think every year the first this that comes out of his mouth after I open the top of the pumpkin is an ever so emotional EEEEWWWWWWW! He sure looks happy in this picture though!
We even made sure Baby B got in on the action. He enjoyed watching the kids fight over which spoon they wanted to use and whether or not the inside of their pumpkin was actually clean!

'Til next Halloween when I am sure to talk the hubby into his own special pumpkin!


"Miss C"

"Mister P"

"Baby B"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She's So Vain...

I didn't have to go to work, because the mall closed early. Since I wasn't out earning my keep at work Walter saw fit to make me work for it. Hello, back to reality, doesn't he wish he could force me into manual labor! I offered to shovel the driveway because I thought it would be a good workout after sitting at home on my rear for a few days. And, frankly, he wasn't doing it!

My big, fluffy white jacket, you saw in the previous post, broke during all my heavy lifting. Walter was concerned about me and he didn't want me to get cold. Ahh, what a good husband! Okay, that is the least he could do, since he was watching me from the front window. Anywho, he made me out on his BIG OL' camo jacket he had when he was in the Air Force. I flatly refused and he insisted. So, I put on the stinkin' jacket! I am pretty sure the camo jacket along with my pink Juciy Couture boots was a site for soar eyes. I took a picture just in case you wanted to see it!

And because I am vain and I love my designers. Here is a picture of my footprint. I just love it. Can you see how it says "Juicy Couture"? How could you not love that?

Snow Days...

A few days before Halloween we got a HUGE snow storm. I don't know exactly what we got here, but is was 20+ inches. Miss C had 3 days off school! 3 days, in October. This is shaping up to be a very long winter!
Mister P was scared to walk in the snow because it was so deep, he also was just recovering from his leg injury. I would love to say my kids love each other so much, that is why they are holding hands. However, I made Miss C hold Mister P's hand. She was SO not happy about it!
I don't love this picture, because it is not so great of yours truly. However, I love the spider in the background. Don't you?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time Flies...

My little Baby B is 3 months old today. I can hardly believe how big he is getting. His little smiles and coos melt my heart every time! He is such a precious boy. He truly completes this little family.