Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Day, In Random Thoughts...

..."Today is going to be a freakin' craptacular day" was the first thought that ran through my head this morning.  All I know was, the sun was up, Baby B was screaming "DADDY" at the top of his lungs (because it is his favorite word at the moment) and I was not ready to get out of bed.  All I wanted to do was lock my door, put a pillow over my head and sleep all day.  Which is precisely what I did...  For about 10 minutes and then my little one wouldn't stop talking.  I guess I could have turned off the monitor, but I suspect that wouldn't have worked for very long either...

...Speaking of locking doors.  My kids were driving me CRAZY.  What's new about that, you ask?  Nothing.  Because I had just blown up over a lid not being screwed all the way, I thought it best to go to my room and take a shower in peace.  Every mom knows the only way to do that is to lock the door.  I have never attempted this before, at least not without the hubby here.  Baby B was taking a nap, so I assumed the world would not come crashing down in a flaming ball of fire in the next 15 or 20 minutes.  

So there I was, standing a stream of hot water without a child sitting right outside the shower door playing blocks or asking me life's most intriguing questions.  Enjoying the peace and quiet.  Then I start to hear knocking, banging, pounding on the bedroom door.  A pang of motherly guilt screams through me.  I start to think...  What if something is wrong?  What if Baby B woke up and Miss C tried to take him out and dropped him?  What if my accident prone Mister P is laying on the hallway floor in a pool of blood because he didn't pay attention and slipped and fell?  What if...What if...what if...  The mom in me takes over and I get out of the shower, run to the door wrapped in a towel to take in the horrible news.  Miss C was standing there with this look.  I said, "what is wrong?" She said, "Why is your door locked?"  I said, "Because.  What is wrong?"  She said, "Your door is locked."  I.GIVE.UP!...

...I feel like I am turning into "that mom".  You know who I am talking about.  The one who doesn't care anymore.  The one who stays in jammies or workout clothes all day long.  The one who never goes anywhere except the grocery store.  

Let me clear a little something up real quick.  When I do go to the grocery store, when I go to work and when I do manage to get out of the house, I do look I care.  I am no longer "that mom". 

That being said, I feel bad when I don't care.  My kids notice, my hubby notices, but nobody says anything.  Probably for fear of their own life, but seriously, I know they notice.  This has got to change!  I have come to a conclusion.  I need friends, more friends, real friends.  I long for my friends back home, a few in particular.  You now who you are.  Sisters in every sense of the word.  {sigh}  But I don't live there anymore so I need to get up and get out!  

...Today I did something I swore I would never do.  I threatened Miss C with sending her to live with her father if she doesn't shape up.  That was bad, VERY VERY BAD!  I shouldn't have done that.  

...24 days, 17 hours, 45 minutes, 12 seconds until school starts...

...24 days, 17 hours, 44 minutes, 37 seconds until school starts...

...24 days, 17 hours, 43 minutes, 59 seconds until school starts...

Friday, July 23, 2010

House Number, I Don't Even Remember Anymore...

I know you have been dying to see my house.  Right?  So here it is.  

Don't judge me because there is no color on my walls.
Thank You.

Stormy Days...

We have been having crazy thunderstorms lately.
If there is one thing I love about living in Texas, it is the lightning and thunderstorms.  I wish I could just take pictures of them as a living.  Yep. that would be awesome. 
 I snapped these the other day.

Friday, July 9, 2010

No, Not Halloween...

A while back.  A LONG while back, I was reading this blog post on Pioneer Woman.
I was minding my own business, reading in the kitchen, when Mister P came in and saw exactly what I was looking at.
My Mister P, he loves all things super hero, as I am sure most little boys do.  So when he saw what I was looking at, let me tell you.  This is exactly what he did.

He dressed himself up and showed off to the computer screen. 

Oh my Mister P!

Going On One...

In a little less than a month Baby B will be turning 
What?  How did that happen?

So, for now
While he is not quite one

He is a...
Pizza Eating

Vacuum Chasing

Water Loving

Sand Eating???

Window Waiting

Precious Little

Baby B