Monday, March 14, 2011

Growing Old...

Happy 6th Birthday Mr. P!

You have brought such love and laughter to this family, we know we wouldn't be the same without you.  You are the most amazing gift from heaven, Mr. P.  We love you so much!

SIX is a big year for Mr. P and we are starting it off with a bang.  We surprised him with a trip to Seaworld this year.  This is my boy who at Thanksgiving dinner said he was thankful for killer whales.  And whose favorite thing to watch on TV, other than the Food Network with me, is anything and everything to have to do with sharks and whales.  He can tell you many facts about whales, Orca's especially, that I didn't even know.  Thank goodness for Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel!  

Much more on this later.  

Mr. P's list of favorite things includes everything boys like.  All things Transformers and Super Hero have dominated the last few years.  This year has added Star Wars and Power Rangers.  We had to downplay his birthday, because of said surprise.  So on the morning of his birthday, before school, I let him open what he thought was his only present.
( I am a mean mom, and I am not afraid to admit it)

Here it is.  It also has a t-shirt with Darth Vader on it.
His first reaction...
"Oh cool!  But you could have got me a droid shirt!"
You can't win for losin' in this house!

So I asked if he would like me to take a picture of his shirt.
This is what I got...

He said, "The first one was a good guy face.  This is the face of the dark side.  I am your fatherrrr!"
Man, I just love this boy! 

More birthday to come!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Konversations With Kidz...

Miss C:  What is ?????
Me:  I don't know.  Google it.
Miss C:  Oh, Okay.
Me:  You know, back when I was growing up we didn't have google.  We had to use an encyclopedia.
Miss C:  Oooh, I have heard of one of those!
Me:  Geez!

Mr. P:  Do we get to go to the book fair today?
Me:  No, not until tomorrow.
Mr. P: But...
Me:  No, you have to wait until tomorrow.
Mr. P:  Ah Damn.
Me:  What did you say?????
Mr: P:  I said, "AH DAMN!"
Me:  GEEZ!

Miss C:  I learned about Eleanor Roosevelt at school today.
Me:  She was married to a President.
Miss C:  Uh ya, I know that.
Me:  I don't remember which one though.  Was it Franklin or Theodore?
Miss C:  Uh, number 32.
Me:  Oh, I didn't know he was the 32nd president.
Miss C:  Uh ya.  WHAT?  You didn't know that?
Me:  Geez!

We are driving home from school passing a house where a very (no joke here) over weight man lives.  He happens to be outside.
Mr. P:  Woah.  Look at him.  He is puffed up.
Me:  That's not nice.
Mr. P:  He is B.I.G.
Me:  That's not nice.
Mr.  P:  He's round.
Me:  That's not nice.
Mr. P:  He's round like a giant meatball.
Me:  (trying not to laugh out loud hysterically)
Mr. P:  Giant's like to eat meatballs.  Especially giant puffed up meatballs!
Me:  That's not nice.  Geez!!!!!

Me:  Said something to my hubby about going on a date.
Mr. P:  A DATE?  Daddy, are you going to kiss mommy?
Hubby:  Yes, yes I will.
Me and Hubby and Miss C:  Rolling on the floor laughing.