Monday, May 30, 2011

Friends, Now and Then...

This picture was taken today.  
Friends on a backyard swing.
J Dude, Miss C, Baby B, Mister P and JoJo.

This picture was taken WAY WAY WAY back when.
I can't even tell you a date.  I'm guessing I was in about Kindergarten, the age of my Mister P.
Friends on a backyard swing.
Me, my two brothers Scott and Chris, my sister Melissa and some friends of ours.

Good Times!  Good Friends!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Child Of God...

Today at church the primary kids learned about the Holy Ghost.
When we got home Mister P came up to me and said:
"I know what the Holy Ghost is.  When I woke up at night and was scared, I pray to Jesus.  The Holy Ghost told me to turn on the light, so I wasn't scared.  Then I wasn't scared.  That is the Holy Ghost."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Salad Bowl Saturday...

It's already Saturday again.  Where did that week go.
Well, here we go again...

I love this.  I've made it twice in the last couple weeks, and I am going to make it again for Memorial Day.

from Our Best Bites

{f.y.i. quinoa is pronounced 'keen-wah' and can be found in the aisle with rice and other grains.  Locally I have only found it at HEB.}

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Salad Bowl Saturday...

Because everybody asks me for my salad and dressing recipes. 
 Because my hubby says out of everything I make, he loves my salads the most.  
Because not a single one is one of my own recipes.  
Because I think everybody needs a little something healthy in their life.
And most of all, because I love salads - every Saturday I am going to post one of my favorite salad recipes.

And to start things off...

from Our Best Bites
(a.k.a. my favorite site for recipes)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From His Mouth...

Right now for family scripture study we are reading Genesis. 
Here is Mister P's summary of Chapter 1:

God made the earth.  It floats in space.
God made the night and the day
and the sun and the moon.
He made people
and blue whales.
And...them was good.

I love how sweet the spirits of children are.  Even more, I love how they can take the most complicated things and make them so, so simple.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Fairytale...

I love a wedding.

I especially love a Royal Wedding.

I remember when I was growing up my mom would tell me about when she watched the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.  Of course as most girls were, I dreamed of being a princess and have a fairytale wedding, just like Princess Diana.  I am sure this lead to my crazy love of all things wedding.  That and I pretty much saw a wedding or four every weekend for a lot of my life.  I don't know.  You tell me.

So, when I finally realized that I wouldn't be marrying Prince William, or any other prince for the matter, I decided to look forward to the day I could watch a royal wedding.  Even if only on TV.

I scoured the internet to find my favorite pictures.  I just thought I would share.
Don't you just love this picture?  I do.  And that ring...
That brings me to my next picture.

Probably one of my favorites.

Her dress was STUNNING, I mean breathtaking in every sense of the word.  This is how you want your daughter to look on her wedding day.  I appreciate the modesty and the classic nature of this dress.  And I want one for myself.
Lets just talk about Pippa for a brief second.  Wow, just as beautiful as her sister.  Can I have a dress like that too?

I love that pomp and pageantry lives on somewhere in this modern world.

The actual picture I was looking for was the wide angle that showed the whole front of the abbey as they knelt.  It was so sacred and spiritual in it's own way.  

The official photos.  These had to be included.

Hello!  Teeny tiny little waist.  She hit a home run with this one too.  Not sure what Camilla is wearing, I have seen her look better.

This picture reminds me a lot of the next picture.  They are such a beautiful couple.