Friday, September 11, 2009

Finding Hope...

As I started to brainstorm about this blog, in particular, it started out as something very different. An e-mail I received made me think very long and hard about the events surrounding September 11th.  It was a comment in the e-mail that made me, well, upset at how some people in this world are viewed because of that horrible day 8 years ago.  But then there was this video attached to the bottom of that e-mail.  I didn't watch it right away because of the comments that were made and the lack of time I had that day.  Eventually I got around to watching it., after the contents of this blog were nearly complete.  After I watched it, well, I deleted the whole thing.  Why?  What I was writing is not appropriate for such a day as this.  This video is so powerful.  I have not been able to stop thinking about it since. 

May we never forget.  May we remember that we are ONE Nation under God.
God Bless those who serve our country in any capacity.
God Bless the families of those who have given the greatest sacrifice.  
God Bless the United States of that I love!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kids Say...

As I was sitting around this afternoon (a luxury I do not get often these days), I was thinking about how difficult my  life is right now.  Of all the things I have accomplished, having a newborn and 2 older kiddos has to be the hardest thing I have done to date.  Did I mention that my oh-so wonderful hubby is not present?  So yes, I was having a pity party.  I was this close to calling my hubby and telling him he better get home right now or....  Who knows how bad that could have become.  

Then I started to think about my kids and what they have said and done today to make me laugh.  That made me a little happier, so I must share them with you.

As I have said before.  The cleanliness of my house is questionable, at best.  Something I am really not used to.  My bed has, once again, become a pile of clean unfolded laundry.  For the second day in a row Miss C has had to go to my bed and dig out wrinkled clothes (yes, I am ashamed I send her away looking like that)  to wear to school.  Today she said, as she was digging through the never-ending pile, 
"Mommy.  Are you ever going to fold this stuff?"
Picture a typical seven year old with hands on her hips and a little attitude.  Normally a question like that would provoke this kind of response.  "What do you think I am?  Your maid?  Seriously?"  As I am resisting the urge to let my hand fly through the air, in the general direction of her behind.  Today, however, it just made me smile.  That alone is proof enough that I am finding my happy place.  I know, I know - impressive!

Later this morning I was sitting on the couch nursing Baby B.  He decided out of the blue last night that he wanted to nurse.  Yes, that would be for the first time EVER in his tiny little life.  I was so proud!  On to the story...  
I had a bottle sitting next to me because he requires more than I can make for him.  Mister P loves helping me feed "his baby".  I told him that Baby B was already eating.  He pulled back the blanket that was covering baby and myself, and said with a gasp, 
"Mommy.  Blake is eating you!"
That alone made me about fall on the floor, laughing like I haven't laughed in a long time.  I quickly picked up the phone and called the hubby.  I had to share.

Then there is this.  I wish I could properly explain how precious the sound is that follows this face.  It is this oh so  sweet, "Ooooo."  Like I said, I can't explain it, but all you moms understand.

Look at this face.  Isn't he so scrumptious?  Look at that dimple.  Yes, he has just the one.  I love his little dimple!  

So thank you to Miss C, Mister P and Baby B for bringing me out of the dump my day started in. As miserable as I think I am sometimes, how could I be?  My babies bring me the greatest joy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Growing Boy...

I don't really know how it happens.  One morning you wake up to find that they just look different.  I can't quite place my finger on it.  Bluer eyes?  Fuller face?  Darker hair?  Redder hair?  He is just different than he was yesterday.  It is crazy how fast newborns change.  

Happy "almost" one month, to my baby boy!  It is going so so fast!