Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Tour, Day Three...

First, Iwo Jima Memorial.

The size of this monument is particularly amazing.  It is so perfectly proportioned that you cannot really feel how big it is.  I don't remember the exact size, but one on those rifles is something like 16 or 18 feet.

This would be the first place we ran into this pretty amazing group of people.  Most were WWII veterans. 

Onto Arlington National Cemetery.

Robert E. Lee mansion.

This is the view from Robert F. Kennedy's grave.  Absolutely breathtaking!

Equally as beautiful.

Next Stop, World War II Memorial.

This is the Freedom Wall.  It has 4,048 Stars.  Each represents 100 Americans who died in the War.

Last but certainly not least, Vietnam Memorial.

Even today, as I look at these pictures, a wave of emotion overtakes me.  I am thankful to have had the experience of visiting these memorials.  I have a new found gratitude for those who have served our country, and an even greater gratitude for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

 The Vietnam Memorial was especially emotional because our faithful tour guide, if you will, is a veteran of this war.  The emotion that overcome him as he told us the stories and showed us the names of the comrades he lost will forever be etched in my memory.  Thank you to the Kernal, Colonel Ken.  

I feel that every American should have the opportunity to not just visit, but experience these memorials.  There is so much more to them than just statues or a wall. 


The Queen Vee said...

Great pics Jennifer, lovely posting. We enjoyed your visit so much.

Tobi said...

I love all the pictures you took that day. You are much a better photographer than me. I can admit it.