Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's My Blog and I Can Brag If I Want To...

Really.  I can.

Last week I received Miss C's placement test results.  I was a little scared because, well, she has been a little behind in the past.

No need for that.  None at all.

In reading she tested at almost a 6th grade level.  That's right, my little 3rd grader is a reader!  In the rest of the subjects she tested better than average.

My big mommy heart is so proud right now!

And by the way...
I have been an absent blogger lately.  I have much to write about, so hopefully I will get the motivation in the next few days to do just that!


Tobi said...

Hooray for Miss C!! I love getting the news that not only do I think my kids are brilliant, so does everyone else. =)