Saturday, November 15, 2008


Do I love Twilight?  Yes.  Am I slightly obsessed?  Yes.  Did I go at midnight to buy Breaking Dawn?  Yes.  Did I stand in line at Borders will all the crazy twilighters?  No.

There was a time when I thought I should have gone and been a part of all the craziness.  Then there was last Tuesday night.  I had my first experience with the real true "Twihard" fandome.  Can I say....never again?  The actors that play Victoria, Laurent and Jacob were at my mall on Tuesday night.  All the crazies gathered outside my store about 2 hours before the actors even got there. It was a very eventful evening as I listened to them scream and chant "Jacob" for approximately 4 hours.  The funniest thing I saw all night was a girl sobbing while her mother comforted her.  Why you ask?  She met Jacob...oh JACOB...JACOB!!!!  AHHHHH...JACOB!  

One of my sales associates was a part of all this madness.  She is way more obsessed with the series than anybody I know.  She even came back from the signing and said it was totally crazy.  Especially with all the little teenagers high-pitched screaming all night long!  She stood in line all night long to get a poster of Victoria, James and Laurent signed.  But, there someone missing?  Jacob wasn't even on the poster.  WHAT?  

Aside from all my friends I have not met any grown ups that are Twilight fans.  Then the other night in my store I overheard, said sales associate, talking about Twilight to one of our clients.  I looked up because I was wondering why in the world she was doing this.  When she saw that I was paying attention to her she said, "she likes Twilight too!"  I was so excited to finally meet a fellow grown up Twilighter, one would have assumed I was one of those crazy fans standing out in the cold!

So, will I go see the movie?  Yes.  Will I go for the midnight showing?  Most definitely not!  Will I go sometime opening weekend when there is more likely going to be more adults that rabid teenage fans?  Most absolutely yes!


Tobi said...

HA ha ha! I love how you described the rabid fans screaming over Jacob. That is so funny!

Thank you for blogging again. I'm glad you found time.

Maegan said...

You are missing out girlie. I am so there at Midnight. Someone in my ward took her 13 year old daughter to see Jacob. I would not go for Jacob, maybe Edward. . .

Maegan said...

Jennifer, It was disappointing, so lower your expectations and maybe you won't be so disappointed.

Mammallama said...

Jacob was cute, James was terrific, Victoria was pretty... But the only one I would have stood out in the cold for was NOT coming for a signing in Colorful Colorado.. Jasper was ultra perfect. Yes Jen I still am your mom's age and I went to see the movie.